Top 3 AI Tools that Augment Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Top 3 AI Tools that Augment Mobile Marketing Campaigns

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Businesses are mainly embracing AI technologies to simplify the workflow for marketers in various ways and offer a myriad of benefits.

Fremont, CA: AI is rapidly dominating the mobile market and altering the way users interact with their phones. The marketers will benefit the most from AI technology. Every Marketing Manager’s prime job is to identify customers’ needs and to deliver a product that meets their needs. Mobile devices primarily mobile phones – collect data on people’s behavior, AI automates the analysis of that data and provides previously unavailable insights which will offer a better understanding of customers’ requirements. By leveraging the Machine Learning algorithms, Marketing Managers can precisely target their audiences instead of scattering their efforts on irrelevant leads. Because of the AI tools, marketers offer users more personalized advertisements without frustrating them with irrelevant and intrusive banners that resulted in negative user experience and decreased customer loyalty.

Here are three types of AI-based software for mobile marketers.

Analytics Tools

As the name implies, this category of tools does all the analytical stuff. They process vast amounts of data and predict customers’ next actions based on past choices. This helps marketers to design tailor-made campaigns based on their customers’ current needs without manually dealing with terabytes of information.

Some analytics tools allow marketers to maintain a personal connection with the customers and establish a sensible outreach plan for various audiences. Other tools offer marketers with insights into the competitors’ activities.

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These tools is only about grammar and spelling. AI-powered grammar tools can spare marketers from embarrassment. Such tools generally have multi-platform support, allowing them to make suggestions content in emails, on social media, and in in-text editors. Thanks to Machine Learning, they can provide accurate recommendations based on the context.

Email Marketing Tools

These tools are like magic wands for managing overloaded email inboxes. Machine Learning apps help to automate and control email campaigns so that inboxes don’t pile up with unanswered messages. Tools that deal with emails can identify the most important contacts and send them targeted follow-ups. They also help marketers personalize messages for different groups of customers.

As AI-powered tools continuously adapt and learn from customer responses, they understand individual audience members and provide one-on-one interactions.

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