Platinum Living Realty Broker and Realtor launch radio show

Platinum Living Realty Broker and Realtor launch radio show

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Jay Macklin, founder of Platinum Living Realty independent luxury real estate brokerage, has launched a radio show with PLR realtor Jheri South.

They will share insights and expertise based on 30 years combined experience in the industry, according to a press release, announcing “What’s The Deal? Real Estate Show,” which airs 9-10 a.m., Saturdays on 960 KKNT The Patriot with episodes available for download following the show.

Mr. Macklin is said to be passionate about educating real estate agents on best practices and plans to give listeners inside information about the real estate industry that will benefit buyers and sellers.

Listeners can tune in to understand how national real estate trends impact the local market plus get updates on current real estate news. Providing insider knowledge and tips, What’s The Deal? Real Estate Show is helpful for home buyers and sellers as well as real estate agents.

“The idea behind creating a real estate-focused radio show is to help consumers and agents utilize technology and cutting-edge marketing tools to help buy and sell houses faster and more easily,” said Mr. Macklin, Platinum Living Realty co-owner, in a prepared statement.

“It’s a lot of fun discussing with Jheri and it’s thrilling to create a radio show that’s unique. No one else is talking about this stuff, which means that we are filling a need for many agents, homeowners and people interested in buying a home.”

The first episode of What’s The Deal? Real Estate Show aired on June 8 and subsequent episodes covered a range of topics including video trends in real estate, how to identify if your real estate agent is lying to you, top services to expect from a real estate agent, and other trends.

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