Weather Blog: More Rain Misses

Weather Blog: More Rain Misses

Good Monday bloggers,

We have seen one rain chance after another miss us or give us the minimum amount for the last several weeks. This is why we are sitting at the 3rd driest June ever.

We are actually at 0.73″ as we saw 0.01″ this morning. This is not the wettest pattern, but it is not as dry as what we are experiencing. Take a look at the monthly rainfall totals this month, so far as of 7 AM Monday. We average 5.23″ of rain during June which makes this one of the wettest months, on average, for Kansas City. There is a general corridor from southeast Kansas to west-central Missouri that has seen very little rain. Take a look at Columbia, MO, 5.77″! Also, there is another oddity. It is not an easy task to have a much drier June in Kansas City than they are having in Dodge City, KS. It’s not just been wetter in Dodge City, it has been almost 6 times wetter!

We have 8 full days left in June, will we make up for lost rain? Let’s go through this.

Here is a radar image from 4:05 PM Monday. You can see widespread thunderstorms along the Mississippi river. Much of that crossed Iowa and eastern Missouri, increasing as it moved by our area. There were a few thunderstorms in western Missouri, but not nearly what is needed. There was also a nice little area of rain and thunderstorms in eastern Nebraska heading right toward us. We expect this to fall apart as it moves into northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri. We will keep an eye on it.


TUESDAY MORNING: If its not going to rain at least it can feel good. Lows will be 60-65 with a light breeze and lower humidity.


TUESDAY AFTERNOON: It will be partly cloudy with highs 75-80, lower humidity and a north-northwest breeze at 5-15 mph, gust to 20 mph. A few showers may occur in northeast Missouri while thunderstorms occur in the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles.


WEDNESDAY MORNING: More dry weather, but comfortable. Lows will be 60-65 with almost no wind.


WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: We will see highs into the 80s with more humidity. A warm front will be forming in the southwest Plains. A few thunderstorms will be associated with it out there. The front will move through Wednesday night and Thursday, and this would be our next chance of thunderstorms. Right now it looks like a low chance with low coverage. Hopefully it will change.


RAINFALL FORECAST THE NEXT 7 DAYS: This is disturbing if it verifies. We are forecast to see only 0.09″. This would insure we finish June as the 3rd driest ever. We need 0.41″ to become the 4th driest. Hopefully, we can sing a different song Tuesday.


Have a great rest of your week. Stay healthy.

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