Tips to make money online during self-isolation

Tips to make money online during self-isolation

With the world under the thrall of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are self-isolating. Staying indoors is a commendable way to prevent the spread of the disease. However, most of us find ourselves with a lot of free time.

Are you using this time productively?

There are ways to make money online and be productive during self-isolation.

With uncertainty and recession looming over the horizon, now is a good time to learn more about getting more financial resources. The tips shared here can be your side-gig as you go back to work when all this blows over. It could even be your new business and job, should you choose so.

Here is a list of tips and ideas to get you started.

Do you have a skill that is in demand and others would pay money for? For professionals, it is likely that your knowledge already affords you some skills that people and businesses would pay for.

You can get jobs related to programming/coding, consulting, writing, blogging, transcribing, graphic design, photography, and more. The list is practically endless.

Millions of people around the world make a living as freelancers. It is a huge job market and there is a great demand for professional and skilled people.

It is easy to get started but there is a curve here. Don’t expect to get big jobs right off the bat, though it is possible. Accept that it will take some time before you get a regular, substantial income. Many people make more than INR 1 lakh rupees a month through freelancing.

I have listed some sites here to get you started. But don’t forget to network offline with your own community and group to get more options.

Things to Know

●       Initial investment: 0

●       Suitable for: anyone

●       Time commitment: depends on you

●       Expected income after one year: INR 20,000 to 2 lakh/month

How to Start

1.      Make a list of skills you’re good at. Things like coding, content writing, website design can be included. If you have multiple unrelated skills, focus on what you’re best at.

2.      Register on a freelancing marketplace/website. Some of the popular websites are Fiverr, iwriter, Upwork and freelancer.

3.      Take your time to build a strong, professional pitch.

4.      Start applying to jobs, but don’t spam the job board.

5.      There is a lot of competition on these sites, so it can take time before you see success.

2. Start a Blog

Want the freedom of creativity to tell your own stories?

Start a blog.

Starting your own blog/website is a great way to let loose your passion and creativity, and make money while doing it.

Successful blogs or websites can bring in big money and sponsorships. Even a moderately successful website will give you a good income.

What you choose to write on the blog is entirely up to you. Your blog can be about your music, art, recipes, thoughts, advice… anything!

You can monetize the blog through ad networks like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and even reader donations through websites like Patreon.

Things to Know

●       Initial investment: depends on your hosting service, INR 100-2000/month

●       Suitable for: anyone

●       Time commitment: at least 1-2 hours/day

●       Expected income after one year: INR 10,000 to 1 lakh/month

How to Start

1.      Choose a domain name that is related to the topic you want to blog about. It’s useful to make a list because many domain names may already be taken.

2.      Pick a hosting provider. Popular web hosts include Hostgator and GoDaddy. Many hosts often offer a domain for free with their services.

3.      Choose a blogging platform. The best choice here is WordPress, it is free and has a huge ecosystem. Your host probably already offers it with their hosting plan.

4.      Add high-quality content to your website. Also promote it through your friends, social network, etc.

5.      Learn (at least the basics of) Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a very powerful tool to drive traffic to your website.

6.      After a few months and building some traffic, start monetizing your content.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is very much like starting your own blog. However, your focus here will be on a niche of products and/or services.

If you have previously used “Refer a Friend” schemes from websites or services, you already have experience with affiliate marketing.

Simply put, you blog about a product (or service) and direct traffic towards it with a special link on your website. You get paid a commission for sales made through your link. Depending on the affiliate service you use, the links can also work with social media, YouTube, etc.

This is a great way to have a passive income. Successful websites can easily earn lakhs of rupees every month.

Things to Know

●       Initial investment: depends on your hosting service, INR 100-2000/month

●       Suitable for: anyone

●       Time commitment: at least 3-4 hours/day

●       Expected income after one year: INR 5,000 to 1 lakh/month

How to Start

1.      Setup a website like described above.

2.      Choose a product niche and start writing about it. You can choose a wider niche like electronics, or even a specific niche like earbuds. Be sure you have some knowledge of the niche you choose.

3.      Write detailed, high-quality articles about products in your niche. Be sure to include images, videos, and graphics where necessary. You can simply pick products from Amazon.

4.      Learn SEO, it is very important for affiliate websites.

5.      Once you have 30-40 articles, you can register as an affiliate with Amazon. Once you’re approved, change your links to Amazon affiliate links.

6.      After 2-3 months, you’ll see income being generated due to product sales through your website.

4. Become a Social Media Influencer

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time on social media websites? If you have the skills to make a following, you can leverage it to earn money.

Using your account and followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can get you some very profitable sponsorships and attention. You can also combine it with affiliate marketing on your social media profile.

Instagram especially is very popular with influencers and people are seeing massive returns with it. Be sure you have a large number of followers and an active base that keeps the conversation going.

Things to Know

●       Initial investment: none

●       Suitable for: anyone

●       Time commitment: at least 2-4 hours/day

●       Expected income after one year: INR 50,000 to 2 lakh/month

How to Start

1.      Know your niche and audience. Whether its jewellery, fashion, technology, or music, stick to it and talk with authority.

2.      Engage with your followers and keep things entertaining.

3.      Be regular with updates and interesting content.

4.      Once you have more than 20,000 followers you can start contacting brands for ads or sponsorship. You might even see brands contacting you with offers.

5. Start Your Own e-Commerce Business With Shopify

Have an idea of a product that will sell? Well, sell it yourself.

These can be products or items you make.

Or, you can source products from the manufacturer and sell them to the consumer. This is called dropshipping and is immensely profitable.

Whatever route you take, you will need a website to showcase and sell your products. You can use the method mentioned above to make a website and use software like Magento or WooCommerce to manage your inventory.

I suggest using Shopify because they’re an established platform. They’ll take care of the management and technical side of the e-Commerce business, so all you have to focus on is expanding your business. Try out Best Under India which can help you buy the best products.

Things to Know

●       Initial investment: Minimum of INR 2500/month

●       Suitable for: anyone

●       Time commitment: at least 3-4 hours/day

●       Expected income after one year: INR 1lakh to 5 lakh/month

How to Start

1.      Research and find a successful niche to start

2.      Sign up for Shopify

3.      Complete the requirements for setting up your business. This includes choosing a theme and design for your website and setting policies and documentation for your e-Commerce business.

6. Amazon FBA

Leverage the large following and reach of Amazon to expand your business.

FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is the same as setting up your e-Commerce business. The difference is, rather than setting up a new website, you start selling through Amazon.

They take a commission, but you get to enjoy the benefits of the trust consumers have in Amazon. Plus, with their large network, you can sell your products pretty much throughout the world.

Things to Know

●       Initial investment: Depends on the product you choose to sell

●       Suitable for: anyone

●       Time commitment: at least 3-4 hours/day

●       Expected income after one year: INR 1lakh to 10 lakh/month

How to Start

4.      Research and find a product people will like to buy. It’s best to choose low competition products.

5.      Sign up for Amazon FBA.

6.      Price your products keeping in mind your costs and commissions, like those for Amazon

7.      Write accurate but attractive product descriptions. Don’t forget to use SEO.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

Do you think you can make the next viral video?

Start a YouTube channel to highlight your talent.

Your goal is to drive views to your channel and videos. Your choice can be anything, music, comedy, education, video games, or even product reviews.

Once you get enough views, you can use your videos for sponsorships, product placement, advertising, affiliate marketing, or any other method of monetization.

There is a scope of recognition and massive profits here. Remember, even AIB started as a YouTube channel!

Things to Know

●       Initial investment: 0

●       Suitable for: anyone

●       Time commitment: at least 3-6 hours/day

●       Expected income after one year: INR 10,000 to 8 lakh/month

How to Start

1.      Research on the topic and niche for your videos. It’s useful if you enjoy talking about the niche and have knowledge about it.

2.      Register your YouTube Channel

3.      Start uploading content! Remember to share it with your friends to spread the word.

4.      It might be useful to invest in a mic, lighting and video editing software.

9. Sell Photographs You Took

Bit by the shutterbug? Earn money from it!

Skilful or even amateur photographers can make serious money by selling images and videos. Even animators and graphic designers can make a good income using this.

It’s not just small clients on Freelancing websites that want this content. Industry leaders like Getty Images and Shutterstock will pay for quality photography.

This is a great way to have your hobby become a side-gig that pays for itself.

Things to Know

●       Initial investment: 0

●       Suitable for: Those with good experience in photography

●       Time commitment: Using photography as your hobby

●       Expected income after one year: ₹10,000 to 50,000/month

How to Start

1.      You should already know about photography and have the right skills and equipment.

2.      It is useful to learn a few things about stock photography.

3.      Sign up for major websites, like Getty Images and Shutterstock already listed.

4.      Complete the submission process and add the tags and images necessary.

10. Online Tutoring and Selling Online Courses

Those who are skilled and have a passion for teaching can make and sell online courses. If you’re a teacher, even online tutoring is available to you as an option.

Many websites sell teaching courses and you can register as an instructor for them. There is a threshold here for demonstrable skill and expertise in the area. However, popular courses can earn a lot of money. It is quite possible to sell a tutorial or course to tens of thousands of people.

Economies of scale kick in big time with this model. Of course, you’ll be using an online service and they’ll take a cut, but there is a real possibility of profits here.

Things to Know

●       Initial investment: 0

●       Suitable for: Experienced professionals with demonstrable expertise in the subject

●       Time commitment: Depends on you, but a minimum of 1-2 hours/day may be needed

●       Expected income after one year: INR 50,000 to 2 lakh/month

How to Start

1.      Focus on the niche and subject of your tutorial.

2.      Search to see if the tutorial is already available by someone else.

3.      Make a comprehensive outline of the course, subject, modules, etc.

4.      Be sure to include figures, videos, or images that explain your subject.

5.      Upload the tutorial to websites like teachable and udemy.

6.      Promote your tutorial and spread the word about it.


These are a few things you can do from home to earn a good income. Follow the advice shared below, work smart and nothing will get in your way!

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