South City restaurant changing its name citing old name’s ‘troubled history’ | News Headlines

South City restaurant changing its name citing old name’s ‘troubled history’ | News Headlines

SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( – A restaurant in St. Louis’ Fox Park neighborhood is changing its name, saying its original name has a ‘troubled history.’

The Savage Restaurant is now officially the SHIFT Restaurant, the establishment posted on its Facebook page Sunday afternoon.

The post reads: 

This team and our intentions center around relentless learning and growth inside and outside of the restaurant, but sometimes intentions are not enough. Systemic racism is ubiquitous, outrageous and we stand against it.

Savage is a word with a troubled history and it was a mistake to celebrate that in our naming. We are truly sorry for the ignorance and haste of choosing it, and any harm or discomfort it may have caused any of our guests and community.

We will continue to learn, grow and shift towards a better future. We honor, respect and appreciate the questions being asked and work that needs to be done to create safety and equality for BIPOC.

The move comes shortly after the makers of Eskimo Pie announced they would be changing the name of the dessert and Quaker Oats said they would retire the Aunt Jemima brand because it is rooted in stereo types.

Many brands are considering changing long-used names and marketing strategies considered offensive in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

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