Spoiler alert: The Chip Shop Awards 2020 winners revealed

Spoiler alert: The Chip Shop Awards 2020 winners revealed

The Chip Shop Awards, the awards scheme with no rules, relish the laughs, gasps, boos and hisses and every year our entrants try to top the last in an attempt to grasp that golden chip and show the world what great, unadulterated creative looks like.

Tasked with determining who would claim Chip Shop fame this year was a jury full of industry experts from VMLY&R, Havas London, Saatchi & Saatchi, Mr President, Grey London, McCann London, M&C Saatchi, Tribal Worldwide, Leo Burnett, Guinness World Records and Brave.

The top chip was awarded to Seine Kongruangkit, a student at the Miami Ad School, and freelancer Brave for their Spoiler Billboard – a response to the current global pandemic that treated lockdown-breakers harshly. In a bid to keep people indoors, this OOH campaign filled billboards with Netflix Originals spoilers and ruined the favourite TV shows of anyone congregating in gathering spaces. You can head here to hear Seine and Brave tell the story of their award-winning ambient ad.

Perhaps we‘ll all think twice now before needlessly wandering outdoors. Speaking of which, the current Covid-19 situation means of course that the Chip Shop Awards wasn‘t able to host its usual party in a swanky London club, with the winners announced instead at a virtual ceremony. Catch up below if you missed it.

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Check out all of the amazing winners below:

Grand Prix and Best Use of Ambient

Title: The Spoiler Billboard

Creative: Seine Kongruangkit, Miami Ad School

Brand: Netflix

Jury’s verdict:

”It‘s one of those ideas you really really want to find fault with, purely because you wish you’d done it. The insight is bang on, and execution is flawless. But what I liked most about this idea is how it resonated with folks beyond our ever so inward facing industry. This idea hits home on a mass level. Bravo!”

Dipesh Mistry, associate creative director, Brave.

Chair Award and Best Use of Bad Taste

Title: Show Your Ring

Creative: The Copy Docs

Brand: Prostate Cancer UK

Jury’s verdict:

Watch the video below of Ben Golik, chair of the jury and chief creative officer at M&C Saatchi, telling The Drum’s executive editor Stephen Lepitak about his choice.

Best Use of Honesty

Title: Opportunity in hand

Creative: M&C Saatchi

Brand: Carex

Best Use of Celebrity

Title: Heinz x Phillip Schofield

Creative: Pace Communications

Brand: Heinz

Jury’s verdict:

”The judges liked the perceptive link between Schofield’s age and the iconic ‘57’ associated with Heinz. The headline might well have written itself, but it was spot on as a play between the product’s USP and the news about Phillip Schofield. Also, the idea was executed simply but with a bit of an art-directional flourish – as befits the subject matter. Overall, the ad achieved a great sense of fun while still celebrating the person, the product and the brand.”

Alan Burles, creative and art director, Alan Burles Photography

Best Retail

Title: Ikea by Dreams

Creative: M&C Saatchi

Brand: Dreams Beds

Jury’s verdict:

”There’s a real truth in the complication of assembling Ikea furniture, and the fact that Dreams can take that pain from you by delivering you something already built is a great way of reframing the complication of large furniture as a benefit. Throw in the iconic names and graphic Ikea style and you’ve got a great little campaign. Only thing us judges thought we’d change is a little more emphasis on the line and logo – it was so easy to mistake for Ikea, you almost missed the payoff.”

Laura Jordan-Bambach, chief creative officer, Grey London

Best Leisure

Title: You smug pricks have tickets for fuck all now hahahahahaha!

Creative: Stein IAS

Brand: Spotify

Jury’s verdict:

This Spotify ad nods to Glastonbury’s new audience, a field of cows! A smart tongue-in-cheek response.”

Jade Tomlin, creative director, Tribal Worldwide London

Best Leisure

Creative: Parkhouse

Brand: Parkrun

Best Professional Service

Title: Royalty Free

Creative: 1000heads

Brand: Shutterstock

Best Charity

Title: Girls for Sale

Creative: On Agency

Brand: ActionAid

Best Charity

Title: Plastic Archaeology

Creative: Pencil Studio

Brand: Greenpeace

Best Food and Drink

Title: Just a beer

Creative: Jordan Chavaglia-Platt

Brand: Corona beer

Jury’s verdict:

”I absolutely loved this idea for Corona and it cleverly adapts its communications to deal with a very unfortunate crisis. It’s pretty bad luck to have one of the deadliest viruses of recent times have the same name as your brand, but reinventing its famous logo through this ‘Just a beer’ campaign and with simple ‘beer’ messaging pasted on its glass bottles, packaging and advertising, it is activity that would certainly help quash any connotations between cases of the beer and Covid-19.”

Neil Foster, vice-president, Guinness World Records Consultancy.

Best Health/Best Digital

Title: Covid Cursor

Creative: Bray Leino

Brand: Google

Jury’s verdict:

Adapting a universally recognised symbol in a very simple way that doesn’t need any words, it serves as a subtle yet charming reminder to keep washing your hands. The idea is so good that we can’t believe it wasn’t done for real!”

Nick Entwistle, creative director and founder, Bank of Creativity

Best Education

Title: A-Z of coronavirus for kids

Creative: Ideas and That

Brand: Department for Education

Best Education

Title: Cloud Go

Creative: University of Seoul

Brand: Google

Best Transport

Title: Uber: #FreeRides

Creatives: Ivo and Tom

Brand: Uber

Best Press

Title: Planet Earth Brand Refresh

Creative: Mere Mortals

Brand: Planet Earth

Best Stunt or Experience

Title: Twat on Train

Creative: Ogilvy Health

Brand: Transport for London

Best Social

Title: The Unconscious Bias Captcha

Creative: Shadab Wajih, Miami Ad School Hamburg

Brand: LinkedIn

Best Outdoor

Title: Shaped by Skateboarding

Creative: Rod Broomfield Creative

Brand: Vans

Best Corporate Identity

Title: Plastiknest

Creative: Pace Communications

Brand: Nestlé

Best Ad Without a Headline

Title: Safe Search Results

Creative: Ogilvy Health

Brand: Google

Ad Most Likely to Start World War 3

Title: Devil’s Discount

Creative: Kepinski Lillefod

Brand: Copenhell

Jury’s verdict:

”Devil’s Discount – I’d have awarded it for the name alone if I could. I loved how fresh it felt (no angry orange guy with little hands spouting nonsense in sight) and that it wasn’t trying too hard to be controversial. It’s smart, simple and tiptoes the PC line that will divide the crowd. Goes without saying it will make the believers shake their crosses in disbelief. If we’re not already going to hell, we certainly are now.”

Dipesh Mistry, associate creative director, Brave.

Best Ad That Really Should Run (That Hasn’t)

Title: Return Flight

Creative: Joe Ribton, School of Communication Arts 2.0

Brand: British Airways

Best Political

Title: True Type Freedom (.TTF)

Creative: Jane Jin, Miami Ad School Hamburg

Brand: Monotype

Best Ad from the Future

Title: Students of the future

Creative: Ellie Skidmore, University of Gloucestershire

Brand: UniDays

Best Shop Window Post Card

Title: Keep_____Your_____Distance

Creative: Stack

Brand: NHS

Jury’s verdict:

”This excellent entry stood out to the judging panel for a few simple reasons. Not only is it culturally relevant, underlining the current national sprit towards our beloved National Health Service, but it leverages simple design techniques such as proximity and contrast, to communicate and focus the viewer’s attention. The cleverness lies in the simplicity of its design. A clear, well-constructed message and an obvious visual metaphor combine to communicate something that is globally understood and a clear call to action.”

Paul Normington, director of experience design, Kin+Carta

Best Fake News

Title: Truth Notification

Creative: SOL Academy

Brand: The New York Times

Best Parody

Title: Roll over

Creative: Shane Hanton

Brand: National Lottery and Prostate Cancer UK

The competition this year was tough. Do you think you can do better? Sign up for next year‘s awards here.

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