Recognizes the value of advertising as a financial instrument

Recognizes the value of advertising as a financial instrument

Advertising has become a financial instrument of the press, going from being an additional resource to being part of trade policy. This means that it went from being an optional resource for some brands to being an indispensable step for any company or micro-company.

What is not surprising, because with the constant technological and digital changes, more and more resources are emerging within marketing that are part of a strategy.

Among the main points to connect with customers is generating more vilos for your target audience and developing close, lasting and profitable relationships. Of course, for this you must first be clear about the strengths and weaknesses of your brands

The main thing is to be clear about the attributes required to associate the brand, in addition to a brand in relation to the life cycle and its role in the competitive position. Along with this, the definition of the offer is made, from considering the physical product, the presentation of services and the price.

Points to consider:

The analysis of these media allows us to create value-added content, such as promoting the increase in traffic to our media and successfully integrating content with other online marketing strategies.

One option is to use the value chain as a value tool. It identifies new relevant activities in terms of strategy that generate value and cost in a specific business. These comprise five primary activities and support activities.

·Distribution channels: The main thing is the product or service offered and the way it is delivered. Annex to this follows the method and tools to offer the distribution channels; (personal sales, advertising, sales promotion and advertising).

· Types of intermediaries: As part of external internet marketing, we can find both online and offline media that, although handled differently, have the same objective; Get visitors to your website to become potential customers.

In the first ones, you will find all the digital work, from blogs to social networks and the website itself, while in the offlines are special events, advertising and other physical strategies.

· Decisions in the channel: A way of dealing with professionals, a strategy based on content marketing, this by distributing efforts differently among the different assets and channels between the different assets and marketing channels.

It is at this time when content assets such as the use of blog, social networks, SEO, among other aspects, enter.


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