How No Time to Die could change the franchise

How No Time to Die could change the franchise

As No Time to Die opens, 007 will be five years into retirement, lounging around in Jamaica with his love interest from Spectre, Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) — and according to the prevailing rumor, the pair will have a presumably adorable little moppet. If true, it stands to reason that we would see a much different Bond than what we’re used to: more wary of putting himself in danger, always conscious of what ramifications his actions could have for his family, and far less likely to sleep with any woman who happens to come into his orbit.

The most interesting evidence for the veracity of this rumor: a call sheet for No Time to Die which was apparently smuggled off set and sold on eBay earlier this year (via The Guardian). According to the call sheet, one scene shot last year involves Bond’s ally Nomi (Lashana Lynch, Captain Marvel) piloting a plane with Madeleine and a small girl named Mathilde — portrayed by young actress Lisa-Dorah Sonne — aboard.

It’s not explicitly specified that this little girl is the daughter of Bond and Swann, but since 007 and his associates have never once been seen to let children hang around while doing their super-spy stuff, it’s not much of a leap to draw that conclusion. It’s also been heavily speculated (but again, not confirmed) that this development was one of the contributions of Fleabag and Killing Eve writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who was brought on fairly late in the game to rework the script for No Time to Die — and who just might play a significant role in the Bond franchise moving forward.

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