XIII Remastered Gets Trailer and Release Date For Revival of 2003 FPS

XIII Remastered Gets Trailer and Release Date For Revival of 2003 FPS

XIII: Remastered, a revival of the 2003 cel-shaded FPS adaptation of the classic comic series, gets a stylish new trailer and 2020 release date.

The original cel-shaded first person shooter returns with XIII: Remastered, which finally has a new trailer and 2020 release date. Originally released back in 2003, XIII turned heads with its cel-shaded visual style, evoking the pulp spy fiction comic book it was adapting. Though praised for its creative visuals, fast-paced storytelling, and unique mix of first person stealth and adrenaline-pumping shootouts, XIII failed to turn a reasonable profit, and plans for sequels were quietly shelved. In the years since, the original comic was adapted into a television show, but even that was cancelled after a pilot miniseries and two seasons.

It came as a pleasant surprise when publisher Microids (Syberia) announced a remake of XIII for PC and current-gen consoles. The initial trailer didn’t show any in-game footage, though, and the remaster project was unceremoniously delayed out of its 2019 release window.

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Now, over a year after the initial announcement of the remake, XIII: Remastered has returned with a new trailer touting a new release date. As reported by Engadget, XIII: Remastered will launch on November 10, 2020. The trailer finally showcases the visuals of the game, which looks faithful to the original art style while incorporating more realistic environments and current-gen tech to make the comic book visuals really pop off the screen.

The trailer confirms that XIII: Remastered will utilize the original voice overs from the 2003 classic; the clip opens with David Duchovny’s memetic “Ow, my head” line from the original, and pop star Eve can be heard later on in the gameplay trailer. Presumably, the late Adam West’s voice lines will be reused for his role as General Carrington, but his inclusion has not been confirmed as of this writing.

Nearly 20 years later, there still aren’t many games like XIII. Its unique mix of stealth and action was ahead of its time in 2003, and the game still looks and feels fresh in 2020. The new visuals of the remastered version might be a bit too different for some old-school purists, but the new lighting and completely overhauled textures go a long way towards making XIII: Remastered feel like a modern title. The pulpy 1970s sensibilities of the original game give it a timeless vibe compared to other PS2-era spy adventures, and this full-effort remaster will allow a whole new generation of players to experience the white-knuckle story of XIII’s quest to discover his identity. Maybe, if the game performs better than it did back in 2003, Microids will be able to develop a proper sequel that the original release never received.

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Source: Engadget

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