What and Who is an Entrepreneur?

‘One who sorts out, oversees, and expect the dangers of a business or undertaking’

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

Ho Humm… does that do it for you?

Why? …

Since you are most likely one of them, an Entrepreneur.

Recall when you started pioneering attempts.

Presently consider Lewis and Clarke, Magellan, Columbus, or the Wright siblings. Explorers…entrepreneurs, I see next to no distinction.

We are in it for the game, for the acknowledgment, budgetary prizes and potentially the experience.

As “Amelia Earhart, Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, and You”… WE CONTROL OUR DESTINY; make major decisions, regardless, and Take Charge.

An Entrepreneurs Story

Envision yourself, going to bid farewell to you chief, or your biggest rival.

‘Greetings Jack, I just dropped in to bid farewell… I’m quitting, shutting everything down. It’s simply too troublesome working together.’

At the point when you see the unpretentious gleam in his eye, making a decent attempt to pass on compassion, and you know, he is contemplating tossing a party…Yes sir, it is simply too troublesome running this activity any more drawn out from this condition. I have gone worldwide, working out of my new home here in any town, utilizing my PC and my phone while I travel.

Have you heard that I am encouraging others to do what we do, and that I have less than four representatives, that is including my fifteen-year-old child?

How did my business develop so rapidly? I recruited a specialist showcasing expert that charges $100,000 for one counseling meeting. – You will in any case get the opportunity to see me every so often in the achievement diaries, or as a speaker at our national show.

‘Need to go currently Jack, would like to see you soon”!

Leaving now, a smile of fulfillment rises up out of inside, while thinking to your’s-self… “I neglected to make reference to that I didn’t pay $100,000, and that I just bought in to a Marketing Newsletter, and some data reports.

A Marketing Master in a shopping center.

Business people… ‘Be All You Can Be’

Have you heard it thumping?

Somebody once said that open door thumps.

God help us not a physical thump but rather as an idea, a thought, a murmur of a memory…

At times I accept opportunity actually SCREAMS to Do IT Now!

As that thought, thought, or opportunity blurs away, getting faint and removed, the apparition of chance past wet blankets in… Hindsight.

Do it Now… You will be happy you did.

Dave Powell


I'm business helper , i have 20 year experience in business management sector. I help many business owners to grow business. My passion is helping fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.

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