Instagram has new global vice president of marketing

Instagram has new global vice president of marketing

These are the data that marketing, advertising, and media specialists should master before starting this Tuesday; Manzana revealed a mural in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in its mapping app; Airbnb says bookings are increasing and that’s good news for the travel industry; Instagram has a new global vice president of marketing … and more.


The Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum in recent days, largely due to the large number of anti-racism protests in the United States. This has motivated them to find expressions of support in all possible ways, one of them was revealed by Apple Maps, since on Monday it updated satellite images of the streets of Washington DC., They revealed a new mural supporting the Black Lives Matter that occupies two blocks near the White House. According to press reports, Apple’s work to make this visible in its maps and geolocation application is highlighted, something that cannot be seen in Google Maps, for example.

Google Maps

Speaking of the Google app, also on Monday, the Mountain View tech reported that Covid-19 alerts will begin to be integrated in the near future to show users the times and points of highest concentrations while driving or traveling on public transportation. . According to the available information, the new function will be available for iOS and Android devices, and Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, United States, France, India, Mexico, the Netherlands stand out in the countries to be deployed. , UK, and Thailand.


People seem to be regaining the confidence to go out and join the new normal and, with this, they are making consumption grow, at least in the tourism sector. This is concluded after the statements of the CEO of Airbnb, who said that between May 17 and June 3 they registered a considerable increase in the reservations of the platform in countries such as Germany, South Korea, the United States, Portugal and New Zealand, this as a sign that the summer holidays are approaching. Although it is still far from having levels of other years, it is a good symptom for the sector that has been greatly reduced since the beginning of the year.


The social network owned by Facebook has a new global vice president of marketing in the figure of Melissa Waters. She is a professional with extensive experience, from her career it stands out that she was director of marketing at the health, wellness and fitness company Hims & Hers, as well as icepresident of marketing for Lyft, among other firms.


The blue giant has abandoned her facial recognition business. This was revealed by IBM boss Arvind Krishna who, through a letter released on Axios and CNBC, explained that the company “strongly opposes” the use of technology for surveillance, racial profiling and “human rights violations and basic freedoms ”. His statements come after reports were released that governments are using this type of technology to do “mass surveillance, racial profiling, human rights violations and basic freedoms.”

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