Amazon moves to combat fraudulent marketing schemes

Amazon moves to combat fraudulent marketing schemes

Amazon is filing lawsuits in three states to protect customers from bogus emails and phone calls.

The e-tail giant is seeking to stop what it calls fraudulent affiliate marketing schemes in Georgia, Michigan, and Texas. The schemes identified in the lawsuits spammed email addresses with Amazon branded-emails to entice recipients into clicking on the links. The traffic was then directed to other online marketers operating phony Amazon-branded surveys. 

Amazon has shut down the schemes at issue in the lawsuits. In Michigan, the defendants have agreed to a court order prohibiting them from using Amazon’s brand.

In a separate scheme, Amazon also stopped fake Amazon-branded email campaigns run by companies and individuals in Colorado and California. The individuals responsible for the emails said they “acknowledge Amazon’s strong interest in protecting consumers from deceptive advertising and agree to refrain from using Amazon’s trademarks or brand in any internet marketing.” 

These actions follow a 2019 lawsuit against an Illinois-based affiliate marketer, First Impression Interactive, Inc. and its owners, who were responsible for advertising fake work-from-home jobs with Amazon. As a result of Amazon’s legal action, First Impression and its owners are now prohibited from using Amazon’s brand in any future marketing.

Amazon says it does not send unsolicited emails or texts. If customers encounter this activity, they can report it here.

“Amazon has no tolerance for schemes fraudulently using our brand, and we are appalled at these bad actors’ attempts to deceive our customers,” said an Amazon spokesperson. “We are advocating for customers by holding these bad actors accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

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