‘India’s first’ electrostatic disinfection machine’s demo at DCP (Traffic) office

‘India’s first’ electrostatic disinfection machine’s demo at DCP (Traffic) office

‘India’s first’ electrostatic disinfection machine’s demo at DCP (Traffic) office

 (L) Electrostatic disinfection machine being used for disinfecting a vehicle in the premises of DCP (Traffic) office on Friday. (R) Rite Water Solutions team at DCP (Traffic) office. (Pics by Anil Futane)


Staff Reporter :


Based on technology developed by CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, a city-based company has manufactured what it claims to be ‘India’s first’ electrostatic disinfection machine. On Friday, a demonstration of the said machine was held at the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic). Rite Water Solutions has named the machine ‘Encee Spray’. The machine comprises electrostatic spraying unit and onsite disinfectant generator. Abhijeet Gaan, Director of Rite Water Solutions, told mediapersons after the demonstration that electrostatic disinfection was one of the most efficient and effective methods to apply the disinfectant and sanitising agents to living and non-living surfaces.


This offers favourable approach to increase spray deposition to hidden areas with reduced usages of chemicals, he added. Further, he said, it significantly reduces chemical cost as disinfectant is generated onsite from salt solution.


The electrostatic sprayers are ideal to disinfect any area by charging the disinfecting chemicals in the sprayer, making them all negative ions and producing droplets of disinfection material in the range of 10 µm, best suited for surface disinfection of coronavirus which is 0.1 micron in size, Gaan claimed. The onsite disinfectant generator bundled with the unit, produces disinfectant solution (electro hypo solution) by simple electrolysis of salt solution, Gaan stated. The only raw material required is common salt, water and electricity. The solution generated has chlorine strength of 0.1%, and is 100% natural, chemical free, eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic, he claimed.


Also, he said, Rite Water Solutions has introduced ‘Enceebond’ disinfectant, which is a retentive chemical having ‘residual anti-microbial effect’ on fabrics, walls, wood and other inanimate surfaces and ‘stays for 15-45 days after one spray’. According to Gaan, electrostatic spraying has become the most popular disinfection solution even in the US. A comparative study conducted by United States Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA) for US-made electrostatic sprayer highlights the advantages over conventional sprayer. These advantages are: more than 6 log reduction with 16X less volume of chemical, 75X less chemical waste generation, multi-surface coverage due to wraparound effect and 360-degree coverage, better coverage due to small droplet size, and minimising cross contamination chances, Gaan stated.


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